Chocolate Chip & Plain Banana Bread

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Customer Reviews

"For a birthday celebration I cut up slices of the loaf to share on a platter. Gone within minutes. I should have cut smaller slices or if I was smarter, ordered more bread. Now I know. It’s great for every celebration (yes Good old Tuesdays are celebrations too!) because there’s no nuts so no worries of allergies. I love the texture and quality of the bread. It is truly made with love. Nate personally handles the ingredients and the baking which adds a layer of authenticity and care that is important to me also. Pro tip: order early as this bread is very popular especially during holidays. It makes a great unique potluck addition or gift. Or if you’re like me and enjoying buying yourself presents, this one is a must!"

"After getting 2 loaves from Banana Bread Effect I kept one for myself and gifted one to my brother. Like me, he was SO impressed! My favorite things about the bread include it’s rich flavor, density, and perfect balance of banana, sweetness, and texture. It’s amazing in the morning with coffee but also great for dessert after dinner. Delicious would be an underwhelming way to describe it. Must try for yourself!!!"

"Not only is Nate's banana bread fantastic, but it does not dry out at all, so the loaf remains just as good as the day you get it. Normally it wouldn't last long enough for me to tell either way, but this Thanksgiving I saved it to bring to a large group gathering. It was a major hit!"

"When Fergie wrote Fergalicious and said "D to the E to the L I C I O U S", she was referring to this banana bread. For real though, this is the best banana bread I've had." 

"This is the best banana bread I have ever tasted! It is an amazing treat with the chocolate chips baked in and the cinnamon/sugar topping. It's so moist and delicious!! Do yourself a favor and try this banana bread...I like mine a little warm with a big cup of coffee!!"

"This bread is great! Sweet and moist it's everyone in my family's favorite breakfast, snack and dessert! Great with coffee or a big glass of cold milk! Yum!"

"This banana bread is legit AND it's gluten free. The first slice I had was so good I was actually worried that my order had gotten mixed up because it is that GOOD. I'm not a home baker so I don't often get to enjoy things like this, and it was so great to have it over the Thanksgiving holiday as a very special treat. Also the day after Thanksgiving, I woke up with the idea of making Banana bread french toast and I did, and let me tell you, that took the deliciousness to a new indulgent level. Thanks Nate for creating something so delicious AND gluten free!"

"When I'm looking for an option other than the amazing chocolate chip banana bread (to feel healthy of course) - I order the original loaf. It's so moist and delicious! It's the best banana bread I've ever had (including my mom's - don't tell her I said that)! Do yourself a favor and try some!!

"Being gluten free by choice can be difficult, but this loaf of bread... Let me tell youuuuu. It's a hell of a lot easier knowing that there's still a delicious dessert out there for me, and it also pairs well with coffee in the morning. I can still tell you the first time I stumbled upon it in my kitchen after my mom tried to hide it from us lol. I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing. There's so much love baked into these bad boys. 💖 Can we figure out how to get this delivered to AZ? There should be some on my counter right meow. 
- your friendly neighborhood gluten free banana bread eater."